Roquefort is a well balanced cheese renowned for its aroma and flavor which has, through the course of history, captured the appreciation of kings, emperors and many writers.

Rich and Intense Flavor

Société® Roquefort has an ivory-colored paste with emerald-green veining and a creamy, moist texture. Its rich, intense sheep milk flavor balances the blue mold aroma creating the magic taste that has made Roquefort famous around the world and distinguished it by many as the King of Cheeses.

A Unique Cheese with Quality Assured

In 1925, Roquefort was the first cheese to be given the AO distinction, which later became AOC and in 1996 was given the European distinction P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin). These labels guarantee the cheese’s particular characteristics, the result of its unique, clearly defined region and traditional methods of production passed on from generation to generation.

The Société® Roquefort Selection

Société® Roquefort can be enjoyed in various ways: on its own, with bread, or accompanied by apples, dried fruits and walnuts, crumbled in a salad, melted in a gratin and so on. To best meet your needs, Société® offers different delicate cuts of Roquefort with ingenuous packaging to keep your cheese fresh:

Société® Half Wheel 2.8lbs.(1.25kg)

Société® 3.5oz (100g) Wedge