Ages ago, at the base of the Combalou Mountain, an ardent shepherd spotted a beautiful young woman. He ran after her leaving behind his flock and forgetting his meal, composed of bread and ewe’s milk curds, in a cave. As he couldn’t find the beautiful shepherdess after days of searching, the shepherd came back to his flock and the cave where he found his less than appealing meal. The ewe’s milk curd was now marbled with green veins and the bread had molded. Starving, he tasted the cheese: the Penicillium Roqueforti had worked its magic transforming his cheese into Roquefort…So says the legend!

Born in an extraordinary location, Société® Roquefort cheese is made with perfumed raw milk from an incredibly adaptable breed of ewes, Lacaunes. Each sheep gives 16 gallons of milk per season – much less than cows - making this milk rare and its cheese precious.

Century-old tradition and human dedication have made this cheese world famous and the French philosopher Diderot called Roquefort the "King of Cheeses“ during the Age of Enlightenment. Roquefort cheese is crafted with liquid Penicillium roqueforti found in the damp caves. Combined with the ewes milk and aged for a minimum of 90 days in the natural limestone caves of Roquefort and cellars, Roquefort is created.

Société® Roquefort Since 1863

Our Société® Roquefort master cheese-makers have been lavishing the same care and savoir-faire in the making of Société® Roquefort since 1863. Some Roqueforts may taste saltier or fattier depending on the mold as it defines the texture and pungency giving everyone a chance to appreciate the taste they love with the same care and talent from our cheese makers.